Roku never charges for activation

If you’re an existing customer of Streaming Installers, we’ve helped you avoid the Roku activation trap. There are numerous bad guys out there who attempt to charge new users of Roku devices an activation fee. And, it’s a scam typically costing $80 – $120. Roku is doing all it can to shut down these scams.

We won’t link to any of those scams, but we’ve found them through Google searches, Instagram accounts, and Facebook Marketplace.

Here’s how they work.

One way is through fake websites that try to look like the legitimate Roku activation. They’re usually found when a user does NOT use the correct URLs of or Be sure to use these exact websites — typing a few characters wrong could land you in a trap.

The second way is through illegal third-party sales of Roku devices. These are often refurbished devices.  Software gets installed on the device that directs users to the scam websites.

As an FYI, Streaming Installers is an authorized reseller of factory-direct Roku devices. All devices we provide have never been opened or modified in any way since leaving the factory.

The confusing part in all this is that Roku does require credit card information on its website during product registration. The purpose of this is to allow you to purchase additional premium content through the Roku device.

So yes, you do need to provide Roku with a credit card number. Just make sure it’s not an imposter website.

The correct website is shown below.

Roku registration
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