YouTube TV adds channels, hikes price

While we knew YouTube TV was adding 14 new channels to the lineup this summer, I doubt most YouTube customers thought they’d get a $15 price hike along with it. That’s a 30% increase … a tough bill to swallow.

The monthly price for current subscribers is going up to $64.99 after July 30. New subscribers to YouTube TV will start out at the new price of $64.99. YouTube TV gives all the details here.

This hike now means that YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV are both basically $65 a month for comparable services. With YouTube TV having an additional 20 channels, a better DVR, and a much better interface, it still looks like the winner to me.

The cost increase for YouTube TV follows the industry’s trend to increase prices. When YouTube TV launched in 2017, it cost $35/month. Then in 2018 it jumped to $40/month with expanded local service and additional channels. In April 2019 the service added more channels and increased the price to $49.99.

Where to go from here?

Luckily, streaming subscribers have options. Since they’re not locked into a contract, they can easily test out other streaming providers.

To start out, ask yourself what’s important? For most people, they usually include …

  • Monthly price
  • TV channel lineup
  • DVR capability
  • Overall user interface
  • Extra options like additional accounts and simultaneous streams

To check out the channel lineups, I recommend using the website You can add in your “must-have” channels and the website will show you a grid of streaming service options along with prices. (Spoiler alert for local channels — if you want all the local channels in West Michigan, they’re found only on YouTube TV and Hulu. Every other streaming service will require an antenna.)

From there, download the apps to your Roku or Fire TV Stick and sign up for a trial period. Give it a solid test for a few days and make a decision.