Learn more about streaming video

I’ll share a few of the resources I find useful to keep informed about the ever-changing landscape of streaming video. Below, you’ll find websites, email lists, and Facebook groups.

Cord Cutters News – Both a website and daily email digest. Probably the most “consumer friendly” source of information about streaming video.

The Streamable – Recent news on service and price changes. Also has reviews of services and devices.

Cord Cutter Weekly – A weekly email from journalist Jared Newman. A bit more focused on the business side of streaming, but this is where to look for the upcoming trends.

Consumer Reports – What you’d expect from Consumer Reports – reviews of products and services. Some articles are free to everyone, some require a subscription.

Suppose.tv – Here’s how to comparison shop for streaming services. Pick the channels you want and the website shows you the best deals.

Cord Cutting Tech Support Group – This very active Facebook group is dedicated to helping each other with tech problems.

YouTube TV Support Community – Another active Facebook group that discusses a wide range of all things related to YouTube TV.

Roku Codes, tips, and tricks – A Facebook group around Roku devices.