Bundles are back

Cable customers are used to seeing bundled package deals. And when you switch to streaming video, bundles are a thing of the past. Well, not anymore!

We are seeing an increased number of bundled streaming deals popping up, and we expect to see more in the future. Right now bundles come in two flavors: 1) buy a somewhat-related product (i.e., cell phone) and get discounted access to streaming TV programming, and 2) buy a collection of streaming services at a discount.

Here are all the latest bundles we know about. Perhaps they’ll help you save money or get you some new programming for the months ahead. Be sure to read the fine print, restrictions apply, yada, yada, yada …

Verizon “Unlimited” plans and Disney+ and Hulu and ESPN+ and Apple Music

There are several different Verizon plans that offer free access to combinations of Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, and Apple Music. Check the Verizon website to get details on all the offers.

T-Mobile data plan and Netflix

Several of T-Mobile’s Magenta plans offer free access to basic Netflix, which costs $9 a month. See the T-Mobile website for details.

AT&T wireless and HBO Max

Some of the AT&T Unlimited plans include free access to HBO Max. This new HBO channel normally costs $15 a month. Check the AT&T website for details.

Apple TV+ and Showtime and CBS All Access (ad-free)

Bought on their own, these three services total about $26 a month. Now you can get all three for $15 a month. Subscribe through the Apple TV+ channel to get the deal.

Disney+ and Hulu and ESPN+

Get this combo for $13 a month. Bought alone, this combo costs about $19 a month. You can get this deal when you sign up for Disney+.