Apple’s AirPlay now works on many Roku devices

At first blush, this might seem too “techy” for a lot of people, but I urge you to read on. There are several great reasons why this matters to you.   If you’ve ever wanted to do any of the following, it’s now possible …


  • Share your iPhone photos and videos to your big-screen TV
  • Stream a Facebook Watch video (like a church service) to your big-screen TV
  • Join or host a Zoom meeting using your big-screen TV
  • Play podcasts or music on your TV

Apple’s version of screen mirroring is called AirPlay and it’s been limited to its own Apple TV until now. Just recently Apple and Roku added support for AirPlay and screen mirroring. Your devices just have to meet a few minimum requirements. 

AirPlay support also means support for Apple HomeKit. (This is where it gets super techy.) This would include things like turning the TV off or on at specific times, using Siri voice control to play music or video on your TV, and even turn off the TV when you leave the house.

I urge you to give screen sharing a try. If you have trouble figuring it out, please contact Streaming Installers for some help.


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