How many branded buttons can fit on a remote?

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Did you ever wonder why TV remote controls show buttons for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN+, Disney+, and others?

It’s not for convenience. It’s marketing. Those networks have paid about $1 per remote to appear at your fingertips.

And it works. I’ve run into customers who think the only streaming services they can use with their TV, Roku, or Amazon Firesticks are the ones shown on the remote. (This is just another example of why Streaming Installers exists — to remove confusion from streaming video!)

But the fact is, you can use just about any streaming service with current TVs and devices. In some cases, you can even reprogram the buttons. However … on many older TVs and devices, the apps are a bit more locked-down and don’t allow changes.

The appearance of additional branded buttons isn’t slowing down anytime soon. New TVs released in 2021 are getting loaded with more of these buttons.

If you’re interested, there’s a ton more behind this story. Like what happens when a TV manufacturer like LG or Samsung offer competing TV services? There’s a surprising amount of competition around remote controls.