More personal profile tools coming to Chromecast

Personalized settings are a big thing in the streaming TV world. It helps greatly with recommendations, recordings, and just plain avoiding the programs you never want to watch — but another family member does!

And while the new-ish Chromecast with Google TV has quickly become one of our customer’s favorite devices, its ability to personalize at the device level is a little difficult.

But in a recent blog post from Google TV, the company reveals how new software features will be added to the device that will remedy this situation. From what we can see, it might be the best option out there for families who need custom viewing modes.

In a nutshell, the software updates give you personal TV recommendations, easy access to your personal watchlist, and syncing to your account’s Google Assistant.

There’s no word on exactly when the software rollout will happen. We expect to see it in October or November.

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