Disney and YouTube TV come to an agreement; here’s how to get your channels back

After an outage of about two days, YouTube TV and Disney announced they came to an agreement and the 19 missing channels would be returned. If you are a YouTube TV customer, look for the email from YouTube TV for more details.

For some people, it seems like the channels re-appeared on the Live guide just as they had been before. But for other people, the missing channels of ABC, ESPN, Freeform, and others are still missing. So why is that?

If your Live Guide is set to display the Default list of channels, the Disney-owned channels are probably showing up correctly and in the same order as before.

But if your Live Guide is set to display the Custom list of channels, you likely do not see the Disney-owned channels. Sadly, the Disney channels were added back to the Custom list at the bottom of the list … and hidden.

To make the channels appear on your Custom guide, you’ll need to use either the YouTube TV app on your mobile device or the website of https://tv.youtube.com/live on your computer.

On either of those platforms, click/tap on the icon in the upper-right corner that represents your account. Then click/tap on Settings > Live Guide. On this screen, you can click/tap the checkmarks on the left side to make the channels appear, and re-order the Live Guide using the drag/drop on the right side.

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