Now you can sort channels by “Most watched” on YouTube TV

YouTube TV recently introduced a few new ways to sort the Live TV grid. These include Most watched, A to Z, and Z to A. Those are in addition to Custom and Default.

Using “Most watched” is a really fast and handy way to bring all your most-viewed channels to the top of the grid. It’s not clear how often the “Most watched” list is updated or changed, so if you notice a pattern please let me know what you see.

To select “Most watched” start by highlighting the button at the top of the Live grid that says Default or Custom. Select that and then choose “Most watched”. It’s easy enough to switch back and forth.

Alternatively, the Custom view is a great way to organize your channel grid for easy access to groups of channels like news, sports, kids, etc.

To create a Custom view, you’ll need to use either a mobile device or a computer. On a mobile device, open up the YouTube TV app. On a computer, go to In both cases, click/tap on your icon in the upper-right corner. Then go to Settings > Live Guide. From there you will see a number of tools to drag-and-drop, hide channels, and move to top or bottom. For what it’s worth, I find it much faster to do all this on a computer using the YouTube TV website.

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