During the on-going pandemic, your safety is very important to Streaming Installers. Instead of an in-person Concierge Installation, you may feel more comfortable with a DIY Consultation. Either way can work to get you switched to streaming video.

Prior to these, you can also take advantage of a free phone consultation.

Both our in-home Concierge Installation and DIY Consultation call include three simple steps …

During this process, we’ll do a cost comparison of your existing service versus what you’ll pay with streaming video. Many people see a savings of $100 monthly. Including our installation fee, it’s very common to save more than $1,000 a year.

To account for people’s individual needs, we offer tiered pricing for advice and installation. When you consider how much you’ll save over the course of a year, our installation fees pay for themselves.

DIY Consultation

Single TV

2-3 TVs

4 TVs or more


Price of Streaming Devices

We carry on hand a variety of high-quality Roku and Fire TV Stick devices at different price points. Our intention is to sell you the right device for your situation. Devices are priced comparable to manufactured suggested pricing and include taxes, shipping, handling. Streaming Installers is an authorized reseller of Roku streaming products.


Price of Internet Equipment and Service

As part of our service call, we’ll make sure your Internet service can handle the demands of streaming video within your household. In addition to reviewing ways to save money on Internet service, we may also recommend purchasing home networking equipment. This equipment is priced comparable to manufactured suggested pricing and includes taxes, shipping, handling.

free phone consultation

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