Benefits of Streaming Video

Making the switch to streaming video benefits almost everyone in several ways. Read through the reasons below and see how many apply to you.


Switching pays for itself

If your combined bill for cable/satellite TV and the Internet is greater than $150 a month, you’re in the perfect situation to save money with Streaming Installers. In a 2018 study, Consumer Reports found the typical monthly cost was about $217 a month for TV and the Internet.

When comparing apples-to-apples, the streaming video solutions we recommend typically cost about $110 a month. For the average consumer, that’s a savings of nearly $100 a month, or $1,200 a year.


No hidden fees or taxes


When you take a close look at your cable bill you’ll see all kinds of surprising line items. It’s common to see $40 or more tacked onto the bundle deal sold to you. When using streaming video services, the price you see is the price you pay. No hidden fees or government taxes.


No contract

In almost all cases, you can opt-in and out of streaming services as you wish. Most come with a free trial period lasting up to two weeks. If you no longer watch a certain streaming service, you can simply cancel it online. There’s no need to call an 800 number and deal with a customer service rep.


You own the hardware


There are several really nice streaming devices that cost as little as $30-60. These are capable of fully controlling your TV, displaying HD and 4K TV, and are voice-controlled. Once you buy the hardware, it’s yours forever. Streaming Installers is an authorized reseller of Roku streaming devices, and we also provide Amazon Fire TV Sticks, Google Chromecast, and Apple TV products.

Additionally, you can buy a nice router/modem for Internet service starting at $100. Again, once you buy it, there’s no need to rent one from the cable company.

Compare those purchases to renting from the cable company and you’ll easily save hundreds of dollars a year.


Watch on mobile devices

The popular streaming services include apps for mobile phones and tablets that duplicate the service you see on your TV. That means you could extend your TV viewing to an iPad in your kitchen, an Android tablet in your camper, or an iPhone in your car (just don’t do it in the driver’s seat!)


It moves with you

A great benefit of streaming video is that once you pay for the streaming service, you can use it from multiple locations. So if you have a vacation home, either take your streaming device with you or pay for an additional device. At your second location, simply sign on to your service at no additional cost.


Less clutter in your home


Say goodbye to bulky boxes, unsightly cords, and multiple remotes. The streaming devices are very small, often completely out of view. Also, the remote controls are very smart and easy to use, allowing you to control the power and volume of your existing TV. So put all the extra remotes in a drawer and just use one!


Less clutter on TV

Most cable and satellite TV packages come with hundreds of TV channels you never watch, including many that are in both HD and analog. If you’ve ever wished you could remove all your unwatched channels and customize the list of live channels, a streaming video service is a dream come true. It just feels better to only pay for what you really want to watch.


Great DVR abilities

Each streaming service handles DVR a bit differently, and that might be a good reason to choose one service over another. But in any case, you’ll find ways to automatically record your favorite programs for future viewing.


Greater depth of your favorite channels

If you are a big fan of a specific channel, say for example HGTV, a subscription to a streaming video service unlocks free apps that are a treasure trove of programs. You can truly binge-watch thousands of shows from past years. In some cases, the apps cost a few dollars a month, but that’s still a great deal for massive amounts of your favorite shows.


Better programs

Take a look at recent Emmy and Oscar nominees and you’ll see many of the shows are exclusive to streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV, etc. The only way to watch these award-winning shows is through a streaming service.

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