Why hire an installer?

Dave DeJonge

It’s a great question. After all, many people have installed streaming video services themselves. Talk to them and you’ll find out they put in many hours of research and trial and error to make it happen. And in the end, they’re typically not quite sure if they got it right.

The advantage of hiring a Streaming Installer is that the job gets done quickly, correctly, and to your satisfaction. You start saving money that same day while enjoying a better TV viewing experience.

It takes a lot of time

If switching to streaming video is something you’ve long wanted to do, but never find the time, this is the solution for you. It takes a lot of time to research all the options and make decisions. Many people soon find this out and simply give up.

Streaming Installers gets the job done right in about two hours so you can start enjoying the savings of streaming video immediately. Sign up for a free phone consultation today to get started.


It can be complicated

New services and new devices are coming out constantly. Change is truly constant. Without knowing the current capabilities and having a vision for future needs, it’s easy to make choices that aren’t ideal. Streaming Installers helps you figure out what’s important and simplify your decision making.


The savings pay for itself

During our in-home consultation, we can show you the cost comparison of your existing cable/satellite package versus a streaming video solution. For homes with three TVs or more, the savings can be remarkable … think in terms of $100 every month.

When hiring Streaming Installers, the cost of installation is easily covered by the first month or two of savings and the rest of the year is money back in your pocket. Often this is a $1,000 a year. The sooner you hire us, the sooner you start saving money.


It gets done on your schedule, in your home

When scheduling with Streaming Installers, you’ll get a firm time commitment. To get started we offer free phone consultations, and then schedule a virtual or in-person installation. No waiting all day for us to arrive. We have hours available during the morning, afternoon, and evening Monday through Saturday.

Expect a free phone consultation to be about 15-30 minutes and an installation visit to last about two hours for 2-3 TVs. When setting an appointment, we’ll determine the scope of your situation and find a time that works for you.


Training and tips

A big part of our service is showing you how to use your streaming devices and unlock their potential. This can include …


  • How to operate your TV system with one simple remote
  • Where to find thousands of free programs
  • How to simplify the screen for even the most technically challenged
  • How to record your favorite shows
  • How to extend your service to your cell phone and tablet
  • How to use your cell phone as a remote control
  • How to display closed captioning
free phone consultation

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