Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

I highly recommend Streaming Installers.

Dave took the time to evaluate my existing service. He considered my usage, needs, and budget. He explained available options and technology — and ultimately suggested the best streaming choice for me.

Dave is knowledgeable, credible, and honest.

I have been very satisfied with my new service … and thanks to Streaming Installers, I’m saving over $100 PER MONTH!

Keith R.
2 TV Installation, Grand Rapids

I have wanted to cut the cord for years but never knew quite how to do it. Cable TV has long been a disappointment with its endless channels of repetitive, boring offerings.

When Dave came to my home and, with a plugin of a Firestick, he introduced me to a whole new and easily accessible world of information, movies, and programming. All I need now from the cable company is the internet so I’m saving good money every month; no modem, no DVR, no more nickel and diming.

I am recommending Streaming Installers to all my friends.

Gerry B.
2 TV Installation, Grand Rapids

We knew we were paying too much for cable and internet and our service continually had problems. What to do? There is plenty of information out there, but how to evaluate and prioritize what fits our life?

Fortunately, we found Dave DeJonge and he was excellent at teaching and helping us to select a plan that he also installed and implemented. It works! Our service is now consistent and way less expensive. What a relief!

Dirk H.
3 TV Installation, Grand Rapids

Cutting cable was on my to-do list for a long time, but there were a couple of unique things about my setup that I wasn’t sure about. Dave looked at what I had, assessed my expectations, and told me exactly what I needed. He helped with the setup on all 3 of my TV’s, and followed up to make sure I was happy. I now have a better selection of channels/content, with a savings of $40 per month. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!

Eric L.
3 TV Installation, Grand Rapids

We recently moved to Grand Rapids from California, to be close to family and retire. In California we were customers of Dish Network and Frazier Mountain Internet for the last 16 years.

After purchasing our home here in Grand Rapids, our family suggested we contact you to set up digital services such as internet and TV.

Normally, I would have compared and called one of the three largest TV and internet providers. I would not have thought of calling a professional like you. When you met with my wife and I, it was obvious we needed your help. We appreciated that you took the time to determine our wants and needs.

We moved forward with your suggestions to purchase internet service that would provide us with the correct amount of bandwidth and speed we needed in order to capture our wants and needs. You further assisted us in determining which streaming service and which apps we would need, and which ones we didn’t. We were also in the market for a new television, and you reviewed our choices, and gave us your insight on the correct television we might consider.

We would like to thank you again, for your prompt and professional service. We believe we are saving at least, if not more than $75.00 monthly ($900.00 annually) compared to the mainstream TV and internet services. There was a slight learning curve for us to overcome, which we did and now the end product is so much better.

Thank you again, we are very pleased with your services and the end result.

Clem O.
3 TV Installation, Kentwood